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Where should you work? In Warsaw. Where should you live? In Katowice.

The article shows the rating of Polish cities which secure good job, education and quality of life for people.

Each city has its stereotype. But do they really reflect the reality? "Newsweek" decided to check it and the outcome of their research was quite impressive and surprising. They focused mostly on the issue concerning the acquisition of human resources. They were searching the city that is able to convince people, who have university education and are specialists in their field, to stay and start career.

The research was based on official data from Labour Offices, GUS - Central Statistic Office and on researches provided by reputable institutes. "Newsweek" has compared 15 Polish cities, but not the biggest ones. These were cities which were recognized as centres of regions. Each city was overexposed according to the quality of job market, quality of life and higher education and residents' satisfaction.

The results were interesting. Warsaw - Polish capital, was always seen as home of Polish capitalism. Now Wrocław and Poznań are really close to it when we think about jobs that these cities can offer. Wrocław has many more international corporations' research and development centres. It has eight of them while Warsaw only 4. Warsaw's percentage of job offers for people with higher education equals 40%. It is lower than in Wrocław where it amounts 42%. But both cities are declassed by Poznań, where from 100 job offers, 46 are referred to people with higher education. The unemployment among well-educated specialists in these cities is very low. Only in Wrocław it is a bit higher than 1% (in Warsaw it is 0,82% and in Poznań 0,85%). Polish capital can be the winner only because of the salaries' level. Graduates can earn here about 72% more than people with secondary education. In Wrocław this difference amounts 61%, in Białystok, Toruń and Olsztyn only 28%. Such rank may falsify our reality because even though people earn so much in Warsaw, life costs there also a lot. Prices of real estates, insurances, groceries and services are very high. Warsaw has also weaker cultural and sporting offer. Combining the two factors - salaries and the availability of facilities, we get the ideal situation. The city which is very close to reach it is Katowice. It is the place which links the best features of metropolis and smaller city. Graduates will buy in Katowice for average salary almost 1 m2 of a flat, while in Warsaw only 0,66 sq m. Warsaw's score is weak, but paradoxically it shows that the Polish economy is getting better and better. In the past, our economy was flourishing only in Warsaw, but now also smaller cities have the chance to develop. This gives chances for this country. The same situation is in France. The capital of France has the twelfth place in the rank. It means that even though capitals are the heart of the country, they are not the best place for living and career planning.

The diagrams show that the quality of work is the best in Warsaw and the worst in Częstochowa. The seventh place is for Katowice. The quality of life is the best in Katowice and the worst in Lublin. Warsaw has the best quality of education while Opole the worst. Katowice is on the tenth place in this rating.

To decide which city is more desirable we should measure the migration scale between them. But unfortunately lots of people move without registering it and when they move they mostly go to suburbs to lead calm and silent life out of the city tumult. There is also a group of people that decided to commute every day, for example from Łódź to Warsaw.

Katowice, Wrocław and Poznań reached very high places in this rating. This may mean that these cities take over the role of economic centre for their regions. The unquestioned winner of "Newsweek's" rating is Wrocław. This is the city that offers the best facilities and chances for people with higher education. Poznań, Katowice and Kraków have also many strengths and can be considered by graduates.

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