Tourists travelling in Poland may choose from various types of accommodation. There are hotels ranging from those belonging to the largest world chains to small, family-owned ones. Guesthouses are also very popular, especially in tourist resorts. Young people often choose hostels or youth (mountain) hostels, where accommodation is cheap, atmosphere loud, and you can often meet people from all over the world. Agro-tourism, i.e. rooms or small lodges offered by farms in villages and small towns, is also gaining importance. It may happen that the guest would share a bathroom with their hosts or eat home-prepared meals. There are more and more tourists who value this type of accommodation. In the summer season, you can also stay at camping sites. The Website of the Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation contains a database of almost two hundred well-equipped camping sites.

There are many online systems for booking hotels and other types of accommodation. Services offering several language versions include or which compares many hotel-booking services.

At the National Tourist Portal you can find a list of many other services. Young people should check out or where you can find a database of hostels and other cheap accommodation addressed to the youth, but also to others.

Unfortunately, tourists wishing to choose agro-tourism do not have a single internet database containing all offers, and so the GOOGLE.COM search engine will be the best.

A number of offers may be found at WAKACJE.AGRO.PL (in English and in German). The ad pages of daily newspapers also contain many private adverts of farms offering agro-tourism.

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