Cost of living

Prices of food articles in Poland are not high, the shopping is cheapest in hypermarkets and at markets, while small shops are slightly more expensive.

Examples of prices of groceries:

  • Bread: PLN 3-5
  • Water 1.5l: PLN 2-3
  • Milk: PLN 2.5
  • Hamburger: PLN 5-10
  • Coca Cola 0.5l: PLN 2.8
  • Coffee: PLN 7-15
  • Beer: PLN 3
  • Cigarettes: PLN 12-16
  • Vodka 0.5l: PLN 20

How much we spend in a restaurant depends on its standard and location

In the cheapest places we can eat a one-course meal for PLN 10-20, in restaurants with a higher standard we will pay PLN 50 or more for a three-course meal.

Night life is the most expensive in the capital and in large cities, the entry into a club costs PLN 5-30, we will pay PLN 7-13 for 0.5l of beer, PLN 15-30 for a drink.

Cinema tickets cost PLN 12-25, theatre, opera or concert tickets are more expensive: about PLN 30-100.

Bargaining and tips

Bargaining over the price is not a very well developed custom in Poland. In shopping centres and chain stores the customers almost never negotiate prices with the sales personnel. Only in the case of purchasing an expensive product (e.g. electronic equipment) you may try to negotiate a better price. However, buyers may negotiate prices at bazaars, markets or fairs. Particularly if they want to buy handicraft products or antiques. With some effort, you may "reach an agreement" and get a really good price.

Tips are not mandatory in Poland and there is no obligation to give them. It should only be done when you are satisfied with the service. The usual amount of tips reaches 10% of the bill, in some better restaurants it is automatically added to the bill as the payment for service. Tips for hotel service personnel may be between PLN 5 and 20, depending on the standard of the hotel in which we stay. There is no custom of tipping taxi drivers in Poland.

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