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Jamf: 80 Apple specialists will find a job in Katowice

SubZero event

SubZero event

KATOWICE/MINNEAPOLIS - January 13, 2020 - 80 programmers savvy in Apple's solutions will employ in 2020 in its technology center in Katowice American company Jamf, the standard partner for Apple ecosystem success in companies, educational institutions and public institutions. The company announced plans to expand the team on the first day of Subzero, a global Jamf meeting held for the first time outside the U.S. at the International Congress Center in Katowice.

The Polish branch of Jamf currently employs over 125 people and is the company's second largest branch after the United States. Dawid Pytel, Managing Director of Jamf in Poland, leads the engineering teams not only on site, but also in the USA.

- Jamf's decision to increase activity in Katowice confirms our belief that our city offers excellent conditions for the dynamic development of innovative companies. Today, in the era of economy 4.0, IT-related professions are the most prospective. The city tries to provide the best possible living conditions and thus support employers in attracting specialists. We are glad that with the growth of new jobs Jamf company introduces more and more advanced technological processes. We wish Jamf a success in implementing further business plans, said Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice.

After four years of presence in Poland, the local development team developing Jamf software for managing Apple's solutions is now the largest in the company's global structures. The programmers employed in 2020 will join that team. Each of them will go to Minneapolis in the United States, where the company's headquarters is located, to learn more about the company's organizational culture and the team members with whom they will work on global projects on a daily basis.

Jamf serves over 34 thousand customers worldwide. The company also gathered around it the largest community of Apple hardware administrators in the world. Jamf Nation, as it was called, has almost 100 thousand members.

- Apart from high class Java programmers, automatic testers and cloud specialists, we are looking for specialists who, which is not a standard, know perfectly well the solutions used in Apple hardware. No university is preparing for this specialization. While many people use this company's hardware and software, knowledge of the functioning of macOS and iOS systems is not common, and we need such people- adds David Pytel.

Jamf supports all employees who wish to continue their education and grow their professional careers, including reimbursement in expenses for those obtaining a degree or program from an accredited University, as well as separate funds for participation in conferences, including conferences abroad. This is a supplement to a very wide range of training courses, which are conducted internally. The company also wants to support the local community. A dozen or so organizations have already benefited from the assistance of the Jamf Foundation, which has been operating in Poland for three years. However, the American company does not operate in the same way as others. It depends on its employees which initiatives the company will support.

- We encourage employees to get out and donate their time to charities through volunteering and even offer paid time off to do so. We support employees when they wish to support a selected initiative in their private lives, adding as much as they themselves donated in the range from $25 to $1,000– says Aleksandra Chruściel, Member of the Board of Directors of the Jamf Nation Global Foundation.

A global meeting of Jamf employees is taking place at the Katowice International Congress Center from January 13 to 17, 2020. This year it is held simultaneously in the United States and, for the first time in the company's history, outside the USA - in Poland.

- We work very well with our colleagues in Poland and it is thanks to their talent that we put so much emphasis on the development of our branch here. We treat it on an equal footing with branches in the United States, but also in other locations where Jamf operates in the world. Polish programmers are members of global teams and work on key projects of the company, managing their course - said Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf, present in Katowice.

The event in Poland is attended by over 300 people, including Dean Hager CEO, Jason Wudi, Chief Strategist, Todd Ebersveiller, VP Cloud, and Beth Tschida, VP Engineering. Part of the Polish Jamf team participates in the meeting in the United States.

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