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During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost half of the respondents of the survey said that they are working remotely. Some of them deploy hybrid model. Will this trend continue in the nearest future?

Research indicates that 25% of people are currently working remotely. This is less than at the beginning of the pandemic (when working life mostly moved into homes), but more than before the pandemic outbreak. Many interviewees stressed that they do not prefer entirely remote work. Many respondents would like to continue this work model only during some days in the month. The number of people willing to work fully remotely or fully in office remains low. A hybrid work model will play a major role in the future. Many companies will want to continue working in offices, with precautions. This work provides the best opportunities to maintain interpersonal relationships and professional contacts. We will work in different places, not choosing just one work model. According to Agata Grzejda - Pracuj. pl expert, remote work is accepted, although too much of it becomes tedious for most people, so many employees will be happy to return to the offices.

Remote working, although widely used in various forms, has not been yet legally regulated. In this case Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) has presented its opinion to the draft law of the Labour Code. It is important for the implemented solutions to be flexible, transparent and labour market-friendly. This facilities the job-creation in Poland and encourages new investors to doing business here.


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