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The Statistical Office in Katowice, in its latest communication, presented the latest datas and information concerning Katowice and the Silesian Voivodeship in the area of labour market, economy, construction, has changed recently industry, trade and prices.

What has changed recently and what has remained unchanged?

Despite the low unemployment rate in Katowice (at the level of 1.8%) and the level of unemployment below the national level, the average employment rate in the business sector decreased during the pandemic period. In Silesia, in February 2021, it was 2.9% lower than in the same period last year. The average number of employees decreased in most industries, with the largest decrease, by as much as 10.4%, in accommodation and catering. The number of registered unemployed persons increased by more than 33% compared to the end of February 2020, and most of the unemployed were women. The unemployment rate registered in the Silesian Voivodeship at the end of February this year was 5.2% (in the country 6. 5%) and was 1.3% higher than a year ago. The lowest unemployment rate was recorded in Katowice and the highest in Bytom. On 28th of February 2021, there were 4,000 unemployed people in Katowice. Compared to the other voivodships, the Silesian Voivodship was ranked 2 place, just after the Wielkopolskie Voivodship.

Last year, many employers introduced remote work in their activities. Home working was implemented by almost twice as many people from the public sector, as in the private sector. Most people work remotely in companies with more than 49 employees. More than 30% of the employees were in remote work or a similar form in the services and wholesale sector, and the smallest number in construction and retail.

The indicator that puts Katowice in a very high position compared to the rest of the Silesian Voivodeship, as well as the whole Poland, is the average gross monthly salary. On 28th of February , it was 8170,20 PLN – it was higher compared to the whole Silesia Voivodeship - 5805,37 PLN and for the whole country - 5568,82 PLN. However, salary increase has been reduced by

a simultaneous increase in prices for goods and services, caused recently by high inflation.

The situation of Silesian residential construction is optimistic. In February this year, 3.1% more apartments were completed than in the same period last year. Preliminary data indicate, that it were 1,026 apartments, the most of them - 706 were completed within individual constructions. The most apartments in the past 2 months (January-February 2021) were completed by investors in Mikołów, Tarrnowskie Góry district and in Częstochowa.

The negative impact of the pandemic has also affected Katowice’s and the Silesian Voivodeship’s economy. The key economic and financial indicators have deteriorated in 2020. Profitability ratios: gross sales, gross turnover and net turnover decreased. Capital expenditure on fixed assets in companies located in the Silesia decreased by 21.8% compared to 2019. In March this year, in all areas of economic activity, the entrepreneurs predicted a decrease in customer orders and sales (processing, trade, services) and cost increase (construction).

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