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According to a report by ManpowerGroup, the Q2 2021 will be stable in terms of new job offers. Silesian employers will be looking for new employees, which means maintenance of employment.

The report indicates a net employment outlook of 7% for the next three months in Poland. Compared to Q1 2021, the ratio remains stable and has increased by 3 percentage points for the same period in 2020. The largest increase in employment is expected soon in large and medium-sized enterprises, while it will decrease in micro-enterprises.

Industrial production, strongly concentrated in Silesia is a sector with one of the highest demands for employees. The net employment outlook for this sector is +11%. Investment projects, such as manufacturing equipment and production facilities, previously hold off due to the pandemic, are also being implemented. Despite the gradual recovery, the automotive industry, as well as the event, hotel and restaurant industries - the most affected by the pandemic - recorded a drop in sales in Silesia.

Silesia shows a lower unemployment increase than the rest of the country and is the second voivodeship in the country with the lowest unemployment rate, whose value in January 2021 remained at the level of 5,1%.


Barometr ManpowerGroup Perspektyw Zatrudnienia Polska- Raport z badania II kwartał 2021 roku

Komentarz dyrektora sprzedaży Manpower Luizy Luranc

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