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17 Sustainable Development Goals - No. 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth"

How do we implement Goal No. 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth"?

-Good transport accessibility, large and modern facilities for the organization of great events, the development of new technology and service businesses, growing management experience of large international events (cultural, sports and business), as well as rising business tourism to the top of the local administration agenda of the city development are the key strengths attracting to Katowice organizers of business events.

In 2019 in Katowice, 6,453 business events were organized, including many international (cyclical and for the first time in the city). The number of participants in all the events amounted to 1,020,187 people, and the expenses of these participants in the city reached almost PLN 210 M.

- We provide one-off support to start a business, we refund the costs of equipping or retrofitting the work stand. You can get even over PLN 30,000 of financial support.

- As part of the project "Your path to employment" we increase the possibility of employing unemployed people aged over 30.

- As part of the Municipal Business Incubator Rawa.Ink we create conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, with particular emphasis on the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.

- Recognizing the growing importance of vocational and technical education in the process of economic development, together with our partners we are implementing the project "Katowice as the City of Professionals".

- As part of the "International Business Incubator" we support local businesses and establish business relations with partner cities.

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