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- We are really satisfied of choosing Katowice as our investment location - said Sławomir Szpak, General Manager of Rockwell Automation in Katowice. - Katowice has great location, moreover the human potential is very strong, what allow us to realize our goals and to further develop the activity of Rockwell Automation in Central and Eastern Europe. Undoubtedly, our location in Katowice was caused by well developed infrastructure as well as complex transport system and the vicinity of international airport Katowice Pyrzowice. The company has decided to make her investment in Katowice also because of strong substantial support of local authorities.

We operate already from 2006 and we have achieved a lot from our initial goals during the investment period. As Rockwell Automation principal value is people, the experience we have gained shows, that the human resources quality in Katowice is very high. Our team in Katowice let us to build a competitive superiority, simultaneously confirming the equity of our decision and primary business aims. An easy access to the airport as well as good transport system let us to administrate of supply chain system efficiently.

The previous cooperation with the City Hall of Katowice and the Katowice Special Economic Zone was very productive from the beginning.

We have been given a lot of substantial assistance from the local authorities who helped us to realize our investment in Katowice. I would like to emphasize, that I have good experience in cooperation with Katowice City Hall, I appreciate their innovative attitude as well as their hosts' interest in city development. Investors relations are professional, we can always count on their support at every stage of the investment. - summaries Sławomir Szpak, General Manager of Rockwell Automation in Katowice.

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