Trigranit Development Corporation

Trigranit Development Corporation is one of the leading real estate development corporations in Central and Eastern Europe. Trigranit specializes in the construction of modern multi-functional urban complexes, which soon become major venues that interact and resonate with the community. The company has extensive experience in revitalization projects.

TriGranit Development Corporation has been present on the real estate market since 1997, and it operates in Poland from 2003.

The main polish project called "Silesia City Center" has been divided into three parts:

  • commercial and entertainment
  • residential
  • office and hotel area.

The company's intention is to join all these parts and create a "new centre of the city".

Silesia City Center

The first part of the project is shopping and entertainment center, the complex, which covers 100,000 square meters in the centre of Katowice was opened in November 2005. Silesia City Center is an example of post-mining area revitalization, what is visible in kept historical buildings . It is the largest object of this type in southern Poland.

Silesia City Center has been sold to an international investor consortium led by Allianz.

Oak Terraces

The third stage of the project is being in progress - residential area Oak Terraces. Oak Terraces is a modern housing estate built in the neighborhood of the Silesia City Center. The whole area altogether will count 4 tall buildings composed in the form of cascade and 8 smaller size in the type of detached house.

Silesia Towers

Silesia Towers is the last phase of the project - the construction of two modern "A" class skyscrapers. First building (125 meters high) will be the highest object of this type in the region. Apart from office spaces (60,000 square meters), the hotel and commercial area is planned .

The commentary of Janusz OlesiƄski, the vice president of the Management Board of Silesia Residental Project Limited Company:

There are many post industrial areas demanding to be revitalized, where new job places, housing, retail and entertainment areas can be created, and they are brought back to the city and to life. These sites, are attractive "bites" for investors, who are conscious of great profitability of such opportunities. The one who takes such opportunity can not only count on fast capital return, but also can participate in the exciting transformation of such areas into very attractive and lively places. And this all relates to great Katowice Metropolis with 2 million inhabitants.

Trigranit Development Poland Sp. z o.o. as a result of its activity and good cooperation with the Management Board of Katowice City, was able to successfully execute 2 significant development projects since 2003. In 2005 Silesia City Center was opened for public. It has 260 shops and is the biggest shopping and entertainment center in the region. In 2008 the first half of the Oak Terraces housing estate that includes 6 buildings and 500 apartments was handed over to customers. On top of this, the development of two A class office towers is in progress and the opening of the first one is scheduled in 2010.

The implementation of those projects was possible thanks to the partner cooperation with local authorities and their branch services.

The professional knowledge and the competent attitude of the Management Board and their Departments on stage of investment preparation as well as its implementation was very helpful and all problems were always solved quickly. The binding administration and legal procedures have never been an obstacle to take decisions. We can definitely state that the mutual understanding of responsibilities has still the biggest significance to further activities and to limit risks in actions taken by investor.

I have to emphasize that it is always possible to contact directly with the appropriate person in case of problems and doubts in regulation interpretations as well as to get fast explanation. The City web page gives many important information about strategies, plans, development programs, binding administration procedures in the range if investments, constructions, tax regulations, what convince strongly to set up investments in Katowice.

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