Katowice Special Economic Zone Co.

The Katowice Special Economic Zone Co. (KSEZ Co.) was established by the ordinance of the Council of Ministers of June 18,1996 (Journal of Laws No. 88 item 397 with later amendments) in order to support and accelerate the restructuring processes and create jobs within the Katowice region. The Katowice SEZ has been established for the period of 20 years (until August 8th, 2016), and in year 2013 this period has been extended until the end of 2026.

The Zone is managed by Katowicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. (the Katowice Special Economic Zone Co.) with its main seat in Katowice.

The Katowice Special Economic Zone is a dispersed zone, comprising of four subzones:

• the Gliwice Subzone

• the Jastrzębie Zdrój and Żory Subzone

• the Sosnowiec and Dąbrowa Górnicza Subzone

• the Tychy Subzone.

The total area of the Zone is 2347,34 ha in 42 cities, which helps investors Find the most suitable location. Most of the lands are situated in the vicinity of international routes: east-west (Lvov-Wroclaw-Berlin) and north-south (Gdansk-Cieszyn-Bratislava), and planned junction of A1 and A4 motorways. The Katowice Special Economic Zone is the leader among Polish special economic zones. So far we have acquired over 250 business entities. In total the companies have invested more than EUR 5.1 billion and have created over 54 000 new jobs.

The Tyska Subzone (According to the disposition of The Council of Ministers dated on 2 of April 2006 about Katowice Special Economic Zone, Dz.U. 2006 nr 202, poz. 1485) in the "region Katowice" includes following complexes:

a) complex 1 ( "Altus" Uniwersytecka Street) 0,8698 ha,

b) complex 2 ( "Chorzowska 50"), 2,2158 ha,

c) complex 3 ( Rozdzieńska Street, Obrońców Westreplatte Street), 4,9707 ha

In 2008 by virtue of the disposition of The Council of Ministers dated on 22 of July 2008 changing disposition about Katowice Special Economic Zone (Dz.U. 2008, nr 140, poz. 884) the following areas has been incorporated:

a) complex 5 (Zabrska Street, Dąbrówki Street), 1,4701 ha

b) complex 13 ( Konduktorska Street), 1,3 ha

c) complex 14 ( Armii Krajowej Street, Kościuszki Street), 8,9560 ha

d) complex 15 ( Grabowa Street), 0,3482 ha

e) complex 16 ( Chorzowska Street, Węglowa Street), 1,1989 ha.

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